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Interested in continuing your professional development in Environmental Education?  In January 2017, AAEE celebrates launching an online Environmental Education Basic Certification course through Estrella Mountain Community College to formal and non-formal educators alike.  The course aligns with NAAEE’s Guidelines for Excellence Preparation & Professional Development and compliments NAAEE’s Guidelines for Excellence: Best Practice in EE preparing participants to create a professional portfolio while gaining knowledge, skills, and experience toward certification. An abridged syllabus is available below.

Participants from our public pilot agree that the course supported their professional growth, “I have been challenged to research new topics, explore EE topics of interest that lay dormant, and build on master’s level coursework and teaching knowledge. Learning and growing in EE knowledge has been fulfilling and I am more confident that I can move from being a generalist with a lifelong love of nature to a specialist as I utilize new knowledge of EE history, policy, and systems approaches to environmental education. To paraphrase a popular saying, “the more I learn, the more I want to learn, and the more I realize I need to learn.”  I look forward to implementing my growth plan for immediate, short-term, and long-term goals.  Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this inaugural program.”   --Lisa Parce, UofA Adjunct Faculty

The course will begin in January, with additional courses offered in the summer and fall.  It is self-paced and supported by an expert reviewer, taking about 100 hours to complete. 

Grow your environmental education skill set today!  

The next training course available to the public will begin in May 2017. The cost is $250, and scholarships may be available. It is a year-long, independent, portfolio building process where participants work one-on-one with mentors to become certified. Submission of an application to participate is not a guarantee of a space in the course. At this time we only have the capacity to enroll 20 or 25 participants for each of the 2017 cohorts.

Applications for the course can be submitted through our online system. Click on this link to submit your application for the course.

You will be notified by a reviewer shortly and, if selected, will be asked to register further through our Canvas Online System.  For more information, please contact us at


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