Experiential Interpretive Design – A New Perspective on Interpretation

Since my first AAEE meeting in the 1980s at Pima College, I have appreciated the networking this organization has offered members. Now after forty years of focusing on environmental and earth education I am returning to the field of interpretation and visitor services. With my two other Interpreteers, Bill Reynolds of Canada and Lars Wohler of Germany, we are starting Experiential Interpretive Design (EID) to work with big and small museums, parks and nature centers, zoos, aquariums and historic sites. Places we call preservation, collection and historic recognition sites. We deeply love these places in all there many iterations and are profoundly concerned they are losing their relevance.

EID wants to work with sites to tie together each building, path, hallway, project, exhibit and interpretive offering so every experience reinforces meaning and creates memories for the visitors. We want to coach staff members to become on-site Experiential Interpretive Designers through workshops, training, and discussions on our website and blog. We are not interested in just being consultants who come and go. We invite you to visit us at www.eidcoaching.com, or contact me directly at mike.mayer@eidcoaching.com, if this adventure interests you or your site. Thanks again AAEE for this opportunity share and Happy 2018 to everyone, and don’t forget — spend some time outdoors today.