Transportation to the sites will be available to those registered for the conference. Colleagues may also wish to arrange carpooling to the sites as well.

Natural History Institute

Cottonwoods and Willows, Connections and Collections: The Biotic Communities of the Mogollon Highlands Ecoregion

The Mogollon Highlands Ecoregion is without a doubt one of the most biologically diverse, fascinating and important ecoregions in the country, yet it is understudied and underappreciated.  In this workshop the participants will connect in-person to one of the most productive and imperiled biological communities in the U.S. as a way of introduction to the Mogollon Highlands Ecoregion.  A short interpretive walk through the cottonwood and willow riparian forest delivers participants to the Natural History Institute (NHI) where they will engage in hands-on activities in NHI’s scientific collections with the aim of gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of the Mogollon Highlands and some of its biota.

Embry-Riddle STEM Education Center

Visit Embry-Riddle for a STEM Education Center Tour. Embry-Riddle provides opportunities for educators to visit with their students. This tour will highlight the opportunities available including a view of most of  the main facilities including the academic complex, wind tunnels, STEM Building, and more.

Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary & Willow Lake

Visit Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, which is dedicated to the conservation and protection of native and exotic animals. Afterwards, learn about the plants and natural history of Willow Lake.

Highlands Center for Natural History

Join Nikki Julien, nature playscape designer, as she talks design basics using the excellent James Family Discovery Gardens of the Highland Center for Natural History as a visual guide. We will stroll the trails discussing affordances, loose parts, and how to integrate nature and nature play into your school, childcare, park or your own backyard.

Hiking or Kayaking at Watson Lake

Experience the beauty and diversity of Prescott while hiking or exploring Watson Lake by kayak. We are working with our hosts at Prescott Outdoors for this activity. (Extra fee of $20 will be charged for equipment rental.)

School & Community Gardens

Visit some of the school & community gardens around Prescott and learn about the benefits and steps to creating the gardens.