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Update: This book club, originally started in October 2019, has since refocused on engaging families and educators throughout Summer 2020 in the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals through weekly selections from the SDG Book Club list and additional shared activities and resources. 

We will get started the week of June 1st and have weekly updates through August and possibly September.

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WHO: The book selections primarily target ages 6-12 and can be read at your own pace or on a weekly basis as the suggested schedule in Facebook or GoodReads. Families with children are encouraged to use these books, activities and resources individually or to start a local book club. Educators can join and get ideas for engaging students over the Summer or next school year, or use this as an opportunity to personally familiarize yourself with Sustainable Development Goals and the resources available.

WHAT: The books we’ll be reading are from the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Book Club list and will focus on how we can care for and solve problems in our world. All books will be available as read-alongs through YouTube. Purchasing hardcopy books is optional. Additional activities and discussion will be held in a Facebook group – this is also optional. Most activities and resources are available through the World’s Largest Lesson website.

WHEN and WHERE: This book club will continue to use the Facebook group created and also utilize a GoodReads group for anyone who is not on Facebook. While there will not be a formal weekly meeting, you are encouraged to participate in discussions on Facebook. Better yet, use the resources provided to start your own local book club! Our activities will kickoff the first week of June, but you can start and engage anytime.

WHY: “Reading is a great way to better understand what people from across the globe struggle with in their everyday lives, and it helps us reflect on our own situation.” Learn more here:

Education is key for the successful implementation of the sustainable development goals. Raising awareness and understanding of the SDGs creates a platform for environmental education while acknowledging the complexities of the social, cultural, and economic implications of environmental change.

HOW: Please use the linked buttons above to join our Facebook and GoodReads groups. In the Facebook group you’ll see information about weekly book selections, suggested activities, additional resources for parents and teachers, and participate in posted discussions. In the GoodReads group you will find book selections and linked YouTube read-alongs. Joining is open to anyone but joining both groups is optional. Use and share these links with friends:

AAEE Better World Book Club Facebook Group: 

AAEE Better World Book Club GoodReads Group:

What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

Visit the UN Website for more information.

Fun actions that you can take beyond just reading the books.

  • Help your kids to create a poster with a photo or drawing and interesting facts about their favorite character(s) of the book.
  • Design a reading scavenger hunt for kids using drawings and pictures instead of questions and help them search for things mentioned in the book.
  • Help your kids write a letter to the local government representative and tell them what you learned in the book and ask them what action(s) they are taking toward a specific Goal.
  • Organize a parent-child facilitated book discussion for younger kids. Invite your child’s friends and their parents to discuss a book from the reading list at your local library or children’s book store.