Arizona Association for Environmental Education Supports #RedForEd

The Arizona Association for Environmental Education stands with #RedforEd.

We stand with the Arizona teachers who are struggling with inadequate wages, inadequate funding for supplies, and inadequate buildings to teach in. We stand with the children whose educational experiences are diminished due to this lack of funding, despite the inspiring compassion and generosity their teachers bring to the classroom each day. As an organization dedicated to the field of formal and non-formal environmental education, which promotes best practices in all we do, we know that providing children with the quality of education they deserve, indoors and out is inhibited by limited monetary and legislative support.

Currently, the state of Arizona is ranked among the bottom of the states for public school funding and equitable distribution of that funding. We have teacher shortages, students without school supplies, cut field trips, outdated textbooks with inaccurate information being utilized, underpaid or absent support staff positions, and so much more. These issues affect not only those in public education but the communities as well. The United Nations defines Sustainable Development as “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Currently, we have funding issues that not only do not meet the needs of present students, but make it more difficult for our teachers to give future generations of Arizonans the knowledge, efficacy, and agency to meet their own needs. This situation is not sustainable, and the Arizona Association for Environmental Education stands with #RedforEd to advocate for change.

Right now, as environmental educators, we’re turning our green color   #RedforEd in solidarity with all Arizona educators, their students, their students’ families, and all the communities out there. AAEE envisions a future where education, environmental education, and those involved receive the resources they need to succeed!

#GreenforRed #RedforEd

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