Arizona Environmental Literacy Strategy

In previous communications we’ve shared that AAEE is working with a diverse group of stakeholders to develop an Environmental Literacy Plan for Arizona. The Environmental Literacy Committee has taken a few big steps toward making this happen. We’ve used feedback from our Environmental Literacy Summit that was held in March 2016 combined with research on the state of environmental education and general education in Arizona to develop some draft recommendations.

Our first recommendation is to focus on a strategy rather than a plan. Strategies are active, responsive to changing needs and adaptable; exactly what we need for Arizona. We don’t need a plan that sits on a shelf, we need a strategy that inspires and rallies.

Components of the strategy include: developing strong networks among formal, non-formal, and informal learning experiences; demonstrating relevancy to all stakeholders in Arizona; building capacity for environmental literacy through professional development, promoting strategies that prepare children for sustainable jobs; supporting the development of sustainable schools; and building a long-term support network for the strategy along with means to evaluate success.

Our next steps are to refine the strategy’s components with clear action steps and share these widely for feedback. If you’re interested in participating in these conversations consider joining the Environmental Literacy Committee.

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