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Did You Know You’re in a Conservation District Right Now?!

Hello to all! My name is Sharma Torrens, and I am thrilled to have joined the AAEE Board recently. I am the Conservation Education Director for Arizona Association of Conservation Districts (AACD). The AACD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizationthat supports and promotes Arizona’s 42 Conservation Districts and their statutory responsibilities. Conservation Districts were formed by […]

Meet the 2020 Excellence in EE Award Winners!

Wow! 2020 was a memorable year to say the least. Despite unprecedented local and global challenges facing our communities, Arizona environmental educators stepped up to meet the challenge. Each year the Arizona Association for Environmental Education honors the individuals and organizations that have made a significant impact on environmental education in Arizona. Although we couldn’t […]

Meet the Board of Directors!

WOW! None of us expected to start the year in a pandemic, but here we are. Navigating the challenges and changes of 2020 has been difficult for all of us. That is why we are so grateful to have a team of amazing professional Environmental Educators leading this organization–Educators who, like you, are dedicated to collaboration, […]

EE Organizations in the Pandemic

by Kelly Jay Smith, University of Arizona In the wake of pandemic many Environmental Education (EE) organizations across Arizona and the nation have been experiencing major setbacks. In an attempt to measure the effects of the pandemic on the EE field, the Lawrence Hall of Science – part of the University of California Berkeley, surveyed […]

Community Science in Conservation

by Annia Quiroz of Central Arizona Conservation Alliance What is public participation in scientific research (PPSR)? PPSR is more commonly known as community science aka citizen science. These are initiatives where the public is involved in one or more phases of scientific research from defining questions to using results. A few years ago organizations began […]


ARIZON-WHA?!  We’re starting a new column! Stay tuned for funky new mystery species with every newsletter. Can you identify this ferocious-looking critter?  Clue: They are found underground around Arizona in early September.  Take a guess, then scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for the answer! (or however you want to do it) Photo by […]

Urban School Gardens: A Nature Niche

by Jessie Rack The world’s intrinsic beauty and complexity is a never-ending source of inspiration for educators. And we’ve all seen the results of being outside on our students, no matter what age — immersion in nature invites focus, observation, and simple noticing. Students with behavior or attention issues are sometimes stabilized in an outdoor […]

Interview with an Environmental Educator: Joining Together

“As a community, we can do better by joining forces. Collectively we can empower larger audiences and, I believe, shift the trajectory of our planet’s future.” Elise Dillingham: Program Coordinator, Desert Research Learning Center What is your professional role and how does Environmental Education help you do that work?  My professional role is the Program Coordinator […]

Licensing Outdoor Preschool?

By Diona Williams, M.Ed. ECSE The state of Washington is the first pilot in the United States that aims to finally license outdoor, nature-based, and forest preschools. This is in reference to schools that spend the majority of their days outside the four walls, exploring natural spaces, regardless of the weather. You can see all […]