AAEE Annual Conferences

AAEE is honored to plan and coordinate an annual conference each year. Our conferences are designed to explore cutting edge topics, share ideas with each other, and support those new to the field of environmental education.

We strive to make our conferences, and all of our events, as inclusive as possible. We keep registration fees reasonable, split the event on week days and weekends, offer tiered registration and membership systems, host the conference in a welcoming space with an organization that shares our values, invite an array of speakers, and raise up the voices of those typically under-represented in our field.

SAVE-THE-DATES: The 2021 AAEE Conference is going virtual and will be spread out over three Fridays in September (September 10, 17 & 24). Look for a call for proposals and more information in April 2021.

Conference Archive

AAEE 2019 Conference


The first conference sponsored by AAEE in almost a decade! We believe in the power of inclusivity, community, sharing ideas, and celebrating our collective successes. We strive to create a more environmentally literate and compassionate society. Conference Goals: 1.To bring attention to AAEE. 2. To demonstrate that EE is not just for K- 12 formal educators in a classroom. 3.To highlight the diversity of ways people in Arizona conduct EE. 4.To begin to address inclusivity issues in the work that we do.