Arizona Association for Environmental Education’s committees and working groups are the heart of our work and are designed to strategically help us achieve our goals. Consider becoming a committee member to contribute ideas for how to make the organization the best and most useful to all formal, inform, and non-formal educators across the state. Typically committee participation requires a commitment of about ~5 hours per month.

AAEE Currently has four committees and one working group for which we are seeking participants, outlined below. Email for more information or to let us know you’d like to participate. Or get in touch with the committees directly by following the links included in the committee descriptions below.

Membership & Marketing Committee 

Committee Chair: Shawn McCrohan

The purpose of the Marketing and Membership Committee is to build capacity for our organization, increase our statewide and national presence, and connect environmental educators to each other. We have developed a membership program for individuals and organizational memberships that will be rolled out in January of 2017. AAEE is an Affiliate Network of the North American Association for Environmental Education, and the Membership Committee facilitates communications between the two organizations. Our committee also maintains our website, develops and sends our bimonthly newsletter, plans and organizes our Mixers and facilitates discussion among our membership.

If you have experience in graphic design, IT or web design and development, working with social media platforms and blogs, or communications, we have a spot on our committee for you. Meetings via conference call are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. Contact for more information.

Development Committee 

Committee Chair: Shawn McCrohan

The purpose of this committee is to professionalize AAEE’s ability to fundraise and cultivate support. Funding is critical to fulfilling the AAEE mission, supporting an annual conference, awarding scholarships, and for the operation of the organization.

The Development Committee is currently working on updating the AAEE website to be more resourceful, and professionalizing AAEE so that the organization is in a better position to fundraise and build capacity.

This project is ongoing and the development plan is divided into two parts. Part one focuses on building a strong foundation and framework, while part two focuses on strategies for fundraising. Building a strong foundation fortifies the organization, and allows AAEE to better serve its Arizona constituents. If you have experience with non-profit fundraising or capacity building, please consider joining this committee. Meetings via conference call are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm. Contact for more information.

Professional Development Committee

Committee Chair: LoriAnne Barnett

The purpose of the Best Practices and Professional Development Committee is to develop the content and logistics for professional development programs including webinars, educational training opportunities and a professional conference. In addition to organizing professional development opportunities for our members and sharing resources, the big project that this committee is coordinating is an AAEE Annual Statewide Conference slated for 2018. It has been a few years since our organization has hosted a conference and we are looking forward to doing that again.

Bringing various professionals together at a statewide conference helps promote best practices in Environmental Education, networking, and collaborative relationships by connecting people and resources.  These connections can continue beyond the conference, attendees and throughout the state.  Information and ideas shared at the conference have the potential to reach people across Arizona as we apply new knowledge in communities and workplaces. We are seeking people who have experience in event planning and organizing, content development and delivery (via workshops or webinars), and program coordinators for EE programs such as Project Learning Tree, Project WILD, or any other professional development/certification program to assist.  If you have any experience or interest in these areas, send us an email at

Environmental Education Certification Committee

Committee Chair: Meghan Dorsett

The purpose of this committee is to support, develop, coordinate, and facilitate AAEE’s Environmental Education certification programs and professional development opportunities. We offer a basic certification course hosted on the Canvas Online Course Platform.  Facilitation of this course involves screening, coordination, training, and calibration of reviewers.  We also work to continually enhance the EE certification curriculum to ensure that it is user-friendly, aligned, and rigorous.

Some of our next steps include developing and launching a Master’s-level course, a series of workshops and webinars to support program content.  This will bring many opportunities to AAEE, and the field of EE in Arizona, as we work toward: increased collaboration with non-formal organizations, preK-16+ education, the state department, and North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and other NAAEE Affiliates.

If you are interested in being part of this awesome opportunity, please consider volunteering as a certification program marketing and media coordinator, an NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence workshop coordinator, or curriculum developer to support the momentum of anchoring EE in AZ!

Meetings are the first Sunday of each month at 9:00 a.m. via conference call.  Virtual collaboration and attendance at additional meetings are expected. To get involved, contact

Learn more about the Arizona EE Certification Program  >>

Environmental Literacy Strategy Working Group 

Committee Chair: Gabby Hebert

Arizona Environmental Literacy Plan Working Group (ELP Group) represents a diverse group of stakeholders interested in formalizing environmental education in Arizona. This group is looking to expand its stakeholders to reach all corners and sectors of the state. The purpose is to develop a framework for environmental literacy that supports a vibrant and sustainable future for Arizona through well-informed, engaged citizens.

Currently the ELP Group is developing recommendations for content to be included in an environmental literacy framework for Arizona. This information will be shared with stakeholders across the state to gather input before recruiting a writing and framework development team.

A framework will support the development of environmentally literate students that are able to both individually and, together with others, make informed decisions concerning the environment and are willing to act on these decisions to improve the wellbeing of other individuals and their local communities, as well as participate in civic life. This helps us meet the overall vision for AAEE. The framework will incorporate all of the work that other AAEE committees are doing and help get that work out across the state.

If you are interested in helping to develop our Arizona Environmental Literacy Plan and have experience working with EE stakeholders, the State Department of Education, or developing a EE literacy plan for an organization or another state, please contact to get involved.

Learn more about the Environmental Literacy Plan Working Group  >>