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      LoriAnne Barnett

      Do you or your organization provide environmental education field trips for students in grades 5-8? Would you like to be considered for inclusion in an NSF-funded research project that is investigating the drivers of success in environmental education programs across the country? If so, please take a moment to let us know who you and/or your organization are by clicking here.

      The project, led by Drs. Robert Powell (Clemson University) and Marc Stern (Virginia Tech), is designed to quantitatively investigate the drivers of success in environmental education programs and assess the consensus-based best practices commonly used by the environmental education field. While environmental education can take many forms, we are focused specifically on single-day field trips for students in grades 5-8.

      Phase 1 of the project took place in 2018 and saw our team of researchers collect data with close to 100 environmental education providers across the country. We are currently preparing to execute Phase 2, in which we plan to collect data from hundreds of additional programs. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it is unclear when we will be able to return to the field, but we are hopeful that data collection may take place in fall of 2021 and spring of 2022.

      We are contacting you now because, as we prepare for Phase 2, we are building a list of as many environmental education providers that fit our criteria as possible. While not all programs included in this list will be visited by our researchers, we want to draw our sample from a group of environmental education providers that adequately represents the breadth and diversity of the field.

      For a more detailed description of the project please click here.

      If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Tyler Hemby (, 205-601-9509) or one of the project’s lead researchers: Dr. Marc Stern (, 540-231-7418) and Dr. Robert Powell (, 864-784-7974).

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      Feel free to forward my info on!
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