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      Laura Manson

      I am new to all of this, especially the Environmental Education component. I believe it is important and I am looking for resources for Early Childhood concepts. I am also open to visiting ECE programs in person ( in southern California) or reviewing their website- that have merged these concepts


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      I used to teach early education head start and I found much success with nature-based activities with my students. By introducing nature-based lessons, my students were able to connect with nature and build the environmental skills they need later on in life. This was extremely helpful when they entered Kindergarten with an established relationship with earth sciences. NAEE provides some great resources for early education, but I used Project Learning Tree curriculum guide for many of my classrooms. I truly appreciate how the lessons are structured to build on the students relationship with the environment by creating personal connections using their senses, communities, and family. I would highly recommend Project Learning tree’s curriculum as a starter for head start environmental education.

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      Melissa Mundt

      Hi there,
      I wanted to offer, the Natural Learning Initiative as a resource. I’m working through their professional development course for Designers, but they also offer one for Early Childhood Educators. There great examples of and research on the components that make up quality outdoor learning environments and how to incorporate those into your facilities. Quality outdoor environments provide a great setting for curriculum and activities, but also for unstructured play and exploration which is so important for early learners.

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      Toni McGinn

      Here is a PDF I found interesting for early childhood environmental education.

      Click to access final_ecee_guidelines_from_chromographics_lo_res.pdf

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