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      Shawn McCrohan

      June 7 at Orme School in Mayer, AZ

      Learning Objectives:
      Discover key concepts (content standards) students will need to create a sustainable future
      Uncover local resources to help you
      Find funding and more support for sustainability in your school
      Visit a school demonstration garden to understand a closed-loop food system
      Receive Certificate of Completion provided for 8 hours of professional development for recertification.

      This year, our conference focuses on the 10 content standards in the Educating a Sustainable Future Benchmarks. Look at the amazing resources (teachers and curriculum providers) that will be sharing their instructional materials at the Symposium.

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      There are at least 4 reasons why sustainability supports STEM education:
      It enhances relevance—STEM is a means; sustainability is the end.
      Both depend on systems thinking and prototyping/design
      Sustainability contains a large, complementary tool box
      Employers increasingly are looking for these skills.

      Purpose and outcomes
      Each year, we take a different section of the Educating for a Sustainable Future Benchmarks (the international standard for education for sustainability) and this year we’re focusing on the Big 10 Applied Knowledge Areas (aka content standards), things like:
      systems thinking
      responsible citizenship
      a sense of place
      many ways of knowing
      laws and principles governing the planet
      protecting the commons

      You’ll have a chance to integrate one of these content standards into one of your own lesson plans. See how it can improve relevance of any subject, increasing student engagement. We will connect you with expert resources. Earn a certificate for 8 professional development hours toward recertification.

      It’s FREE to Arizona educators (but we welcome a small, optional donation).

      The event is hosted by Orme School (which is in the center of the state.) They’ve done a lot to integrate sustainability, especially in their food systems. The event includes a tour of their demonstration gardens. You can always see the most current version of the program here.

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