EE Certification Scholarships

Since 1980, the Arizona Association for Environmental Education has been supporting environmental educators across all sectors (from classrooms to beyond). Many of us work in fields where communicating about the health of Arizona’s environment and our natural resources is critical to preservation and conservation of our resources. We also encourage citizens to make sustainable decisions and choices using science-based information.

Our vision is to have an environmentally-literate society, and when a community is knowledgable about its environment, they tend to love it, want to protect it, and become good stewards of it.

One way we are working to achieve this vision is through our Environmental Education Certification Program. This program helps environmental educators (and those interested in becoming an environmental educator) improve their skillset, and demonstrate proficiency in environmental education. Our Arizona environmental education certification course aligns with NAAEE’s Guidelines for Excellence Preparation & Professional Development, and helps participants create a professional portfolio while gaining knowledge, skills and experience toward certification.

November 28 is GivingTuesday! Will you step up and help us raise these much needed scholarship funds? The program cost is $250, and for every $250 that we raise, one scholarship recipient will become a Certified Environmental Educator!

We need great environmental educators now more than ever, and your generous donations will have a far reaching impact for the future of the environment in Arizona.


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