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    Product Introduction
    Dental endodontics reduction contra angle handpiece 10:1 is widely used for endodontic treatment,meet the prime needs for oral surgery nowadays. High precision, safety and flexibility.
    Product Parameter
    Product ParameterDental endodontics reduction contra angle handpiece
    Gear ratio10:1
    Rotation speed:4000:2500:625rmp
    Air pressure0.3mpa-0.35mpa
    Chunk typePush button
    Water sprayouter water spray
    Use forRoot canal treatment
    Bur applicableHand use endo file
    Product feature and application
    High precision gear,low noise and ensure balance running.
    E Type contra angle锛宑ompatible with international standard connector,international universal
    10:1 built-in reducer, bigger torque.
    Independent distribution of water and air, perfect atomization.
    The anti-slip design of the rotating sleeve, the root canal handpiece can be switched to replace the head, which can meet various functional requirements
    Product details
    90 degree reciprocating rotate head
    high bearing strength and good durability
    Push button type with up and down movement
    135 degree high temperature and high pressure sterilization is available
    Bur applicable: 2.35mm, also can use handy Root Canal files.
    The head can be replaced at will, according to different use requirementsDental Reduction Handpiece factory