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    2 zones vibration fiber optic system
    Products Introduction
    2 zones vibration fiber optic system(also known as vibrating optical fiber perimeter alarm, vibrating optical fiber alarm system, optical fiber fence), the equipment can be installed outdoors, available outdoors, without guiding optical cables, and can be directly connected to the camera Linkage. In addition, the product can resist the interference of natural factors such as wind and rain, and is not affected by electromagnetic, lightning, radio signals, etc., with high reliability and easy maintenance.
    1.Long Distance: Max 1 km each zone, realizing the overall prevention of large range and long distance.
    2.Self-adaption:Running continuously for 8 hours.
    3.Passive Design: Optical fiber is adopted as the passive detector. No need power supply for the detecting zone except the alarm panel.
    4.Anti-interference: User no need consider the influence of electromagnetic field, used in Oil depot,Power station,Military etc.
    Product Parameter

    Product Feature And Application
    Production Details
    Vibration Fiber Optic Alarm System is mainly composed of alarm panel, alarm software, collector, terminal box, zone split packages, optical fiber adapter box, induction cable and communication cable,it has the advantages of long distance;self-adaption;passive design;anti-interference.Can be widely used in Estate, School;The army;Airport;Petrochemical;National defense;The justice ;Government;Museum etc.The selected components of the vibrating cable collector are military devices, covering the most mainstream alarm output forms in the market to meet the needs of different customers. It combines decades of signal processing experience and introduces both adaptive and self-learning signal processing ideas. It is an intelligent alarm device.
    1.Fault: A certain zone does not alarm when someone crosses the fence of the zone, but the corresponding zone alarms when it crosses other zones.
    Analysis: The light path of the zone is damaged or broken.
    Solution: Focus on checking whether the bare fiber in the splitter box at both ends of the zone is broken, and re-splice it.
    2.Fault: When someone oversteps the fence of a certain zone, the zone does not alarm, but another zone alarms at the same time.
    Analysis: The pigtail corresponding to the zone in the detector is connected to the interface of other zone by mistake.
    Solution: Connect the pigtails of the two zones.
    3.Fault: When the external weather conditions in a certain zone are basically the same, false alarms increase significantly.
    Analysis: The optical cable in the zone is loose or there is continuous and strong interference in the external environment.
    Solution: Inspect the tightness of the optical cable in the zone, and re-tighten it if it is loose.Vibration Fiber Optic Detector price