2018 Outstanding NAAEE Affiliate Award Goes to AAEE

We are pleased to announce that the Arizona Association for Environmental Education has won the 2018 Outstanding NAAEE Affiliate Organization Award! All of our Board and committee members have worked so hard over the last two years to reinvigorate this association and participate at the national level. Thanks to everyone who has contributed time and effort to elevating the profession of EE in Arizona!

The North American Association for Environmental Education recognized AAEE for the following accomplishments:

AAEE made significant contributions to the field of EE by launching a new website and expanding member resources, increasing the number of Basic EE Certification graduates in Arizona, developing a new strategic plan based on non-profit self-assessment tools, supporting NAAEE initiatives including The Guidelines for Excellence Series, Natural Start and The Global Environmental Education Partnership (The GEEP), and collaborating regionally.



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    • LoriAnne Barnett
      LoriAnne Barnett says:

      Thanks Dave! We are excited to be back and very proud of this accomplishment. Hope you’ll join us – maybe at the Environmental Literacy Summit on Nov. 10th? See the details on the sidebar!


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