AAEE 2019 Conference Homepage Callout

Want to join the AAEE Team?

Hello Friends and supporters of EE!

Our annual board and committee recruitment period is underway. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining our team, please let us know!

Our team is working really hard to again make available one or more opportunities for EE practitioners to gather in person in 2020. Tucson has also been selected as the host location for the North American Association for Environmental Education’s international conference. Our NAAEE Affiliate will be co-hosting this event. If you or your organization is interested in assisting us, please let me know. We’ll be convening a planning committee very soon.

In order to accomplish our tasks in service to our strategic goals, we have a working/governing board managing several committees to share the workload. If you attended the 2019 Conference at Prescott College you saw those teams in action. We could not do it without help from folks on small tasks and people serving in leadership role.

So if you are inspired by the many EE practitioners in this state and want to work toward a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable field of practice, in service to meeting the educational needs of our diverse communities in Arizona, consider lending a hand over the next few years. I’m sure together we can accomplish fantastic things!

Here is the link to apply to join the Board of Directors. Thanks for all you do!

Yours for EE, LoriAnne Barnett

President, 2019-2020 Arizona Association for Environmental Education

2019 AAEE Conference Attendees

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