Environmental education (EE) teaches children and adults how to learn about and investigate their environment, and to make intelligent, informed decisions about how they can take care of it. ~ North American Association for Environmental Education

Through lifelong learning, all people in Arizona understand the interconnection between humanity and the environment and will make informed decisions and take responsible actions to promote a healthy sustainable environment.

AAEE is a nonprofit organization working to advance the quality of EE programs in Arizona and to enhance professionalism among those who volunteer or work in any EE context. We foster strength and diversity in the EE network as we help achieve goals in educating others.

Through special projects and partnerships as well as our conference and other events, we provide professional development opportunities for educators who work with K-12, university, and adult audiences. Our members include classroom teachers and teacher trainers; curriculum developers and administrators; community educators from business; resource staff and conservation educators with municipal, state, tribal, and federal government; and interpreters in parks, nature centers, zoos, gardens, museums, and other settings.

Arizona is blessed with a wonderful diversity of natural communities and human communities – and with many individuals and groups working to help others better understand how to live responsibly in relation to the environment. Whether you do EE in the classroom, the city, or the wide-open spaces of the Southwest, we aim to assist and inspire your efforts to educate others about the environment.