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arizona association for Environmental Education

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As one of the 56 Affiliates within the Affiliate Network of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), the Arizona Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) supports formal and informal educators providing programming and content to a wide variety of citizens of all ages.

As an Affiliate of NAAEE, we host a variety of networking and professional learning opportunities in state, as well as collaborate with other NAAEE Affiliates to host events at the annual NAAEE conference as well as webinars, online discussions, and blogs. AAEE strives to provide professional development opportunities, such as the Environmental Education Certification Program, across the state of Arizona.

Cultivating environmental literacy in Arizona and empowering everyone to improve the collective effectiveness of environmental education in Arizona. 


Environmental educators in Arizona are connected to each other and have the skills, knowledge, and resources to work collaboratively toward a vibrant, equitable, and socially just future.


Connect and equip environmental education (EE) providers, new and seasoned, with their community and their place. We provide training, mentoring, and resources, to actively and equitably grow a healthy, environmentally sustainable, and just Arizona for all.


The Arizona Association for Environmental Education has served as a framework for educators in Arizona who provide environmental education since 1970. Today AAEE serves as a professional association and network hub for environmental educators, connecting them to jobs, professional development opportunities, learning experiences, and each other. We set the standard for environmental education in practice through our eeCertification Program, recognized by the North American Association for Environmental Education.

What is environmental education?

We are all EE! Environmental Education is a collective movement to empower ourselves and our communities to cultivate a healthy, environmentally sustainable, and just world through all types of learning and educational experiences. EE provides us with the knowledge, skills, and agency to inclusively address past, present, and future interconnected and systemic environmental & social issues in our communities and world.


As outlined by the North American Association for Environmental Education, environmental education focuses on the importance of experiential, interdisciplinary education. These key pillars help to ensure that all EE learners develop problem solving and decision-making skills, understand how to be a civically engaged citizen as well as how to create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable society. We provide professional learning to formal, non-formal, and non-traditional educators teaching people of all ages. Our strategy assists educators in helping learners understand the complex systems and environmental issues we face, allowing them to make informed, balanced, and responsible decisions for themselves and their communities.

Focus on systems thinking

Lifelong learning: cradle to grave

Focus on sound science

Built on a sustainability platform

Informed decision making

Sense of place

Reflects best practice in education (learner-centered, experiential, and project-based learning)



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Tucson, AZ 85733

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